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Laboratoire international de la politique de la psychanalyse de l’IF et de son École

An International Laboratory of the Politics of Psychoanalysis of the IF and its School is in charge of reflection and research on the objectives and means of our School in the emergencies of the time on the basis of the fundamental options inscribed in the Charter of the IF in 1999.

It is composed of two members per zone, elected on candidacy: one member from among the former Representatives and former members of the ICGs - excluding outgoing colleges (e.g. with an election in 2020, the members of the CRIF and IGC 2018/2020 are not immediately candidates) and one member of the School who has not yet been in office in these bodies. Half of its members rotate every two years.

This Laboratory works in close contact with all the members. To do so, it is in contact with the various situations of the EPFCL via the heads of the inter-cartels, the delegates and the AMEs of each zone. According to the needs, it can also create ad hoc consultation structures, as well as all the necessary relays, for example cartels, in order to have a point of view adjusted to the realities of the base of the Forums of the various zones.

The issues studied and the opinions expressed are progressively passed on to the IF list, before being condensed in the Report that it presents every two years to the Assembly for debate. The International Laboratory keeps a notebook of the problems dealt with and forwards it to the next Laboratory.

Composition 2020-2022


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