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Every two years, on alternating sides of the Atlantic, an International Meeting reunites the members of the IF and the School around a theme decided upon at the previous Meeting.

Each Meeting is an occasion for gathering together, for a day and half, the groups of the IF and the School, with the goal of bringing to bear-on orientation and function-our acquired experience and evolving circumstances.

« Treatments of the body in our times and in psychoanalysis »

XI° Rendez-vous of the IF-SPFLF

« Orthodoxy and Heresy - Knowledge in psychoanalysis »

VII° International Meeting of the School

29 june - 3 July 2022
Buenos Aires, Argentina



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Preludes (Rendez-vous)

Preludes (Meeting of the School)


Comission scientifique : Gabriel Lombardi (coordinador), Carmine Marrazzo, Clara Cecilia Mesa, Agnès Metton, Ramón Miralpeix Jubani, Stylianos Moriatis, Ana Laura Prates, Leonardo Rodríguez y Florencia Farías.

Comission d’organisation : Florencia Farías (coordinador), Rodrigo Abínzano, Mariano Daquino, Matías Laje, Walter Los, Mónica Marin, Ángela Oyarzabal, Mónica Piñero, Ricardo Cababié.

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