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Children and Psychoanalysis Network

Activités - Notes de la réunion du 24 juillet 2014

The main objectives of the REP (Réseau Enfants et Psychanalyse) are : to develop the research concerning questions raised by the psychoanalytical orientation in the clinic with children ; to build links among clinicians interested in these issues. The REP organize activities which are open to all those interested.

REP France: It includes more than ten study groupes, around different topics related to early childhood such as: the structure, the clinic with children, adolescents, etc. It co-hosts, together with the EPFCL. If you want to organize an activity, suggest a topic of research, be registered on the CPN list, or come up with another type of initiative, please contact Martine Menes at menes.m@ cache-moi sfr.fr. A web page dedicated to the CPN can be consulted on the EPFCL-France site.

REP-Italy : repsy.italia@ cache-moi gmail.com

REP in Spanish :

RHIPNA which gathers colleagues from Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Pais Vasco) and America Latina (Argentina, Venezuela). Please contact Matilde Pelegrí : matildep@ cache-moi copc.cat. The RHIPNA created a blog which allows exchanges in Spanish: redhipna.blogspot.com. This blog is open for studies and other contributions.

RHIPNA Pereira - Colombia : its has a blog (moderator: Mónica Palacio) : rhipnaforopereira.blogspot.com and an email : rhipnaforopereira@ cache-moi gmail.com

REP Brasil : Salvador, Rio, Bello Horizonte, Sao Paulo (RED de Investigación de Psicoanálisis y Infancia del Foro del Campo, Ana Laura Prates Pacheco analauraprates@ cache-moi terra.com.br, Beatriz Oliveira : biaoliv@ cache-moi uol.com.br)

It is possible to communicate with the members of this REP by using the REP list: rep@ cache-moi champlacanien.net and the REP international Blog: www.champlacanien.net/rep

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